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FSC cardboard proper storage method

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-26
Supply FSC cardboard have been coated on the surface of the market at present, the board is properly stored will affect the production performance, the temperature and relative humidity will have a major impact. If the board does not meet the above conditions, cardboard if placed in the environment of the too wet or too hot, cardboard causes error and the feeding performance is poor. To prevent this kind of problem, the printing can adopt the following methods: composite board said after wrapped him in membrane until before use and open; 1 day in advance will be wrapped board in the workshop to adapt to the workshop temperature before processing and delivery will be printed cardboard humidifying again after sent packing, the cardboard peel is also related to the temperature and humidity, especially for uncoated cardboard, in addition, sandwiched in a pile of paper would be a little impurity, a paper on another made of paper or even in advance when cutting paper cutter blade pressure, will cause damage to the cardboard. And these defective board can still after printer of rubber cloth and the concave roller sheath and spoilage. So prevention is better than remedial's price is much smaller.
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