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FSC black cardboard for bag what are g

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-26
FSC black cardboard for what are the g black paper bag on the market also called black kraft paper, generally divided into single-sided and double-sided conventional regeneration black paper, FSC single conventional g from 180 g - black cardboard paper 600 grams, ( FSC double black single light) Also called single through the black paper, black paper, black black paperboard, single blackening paperboard its characteristic: two similar but slightly different color, a side that black grey black, intermediate sandwich part color is black. Dedicated to all kinds of bag, packing boxes, packaging bags, arms around handmade box of tissue. Second, the FSC double black card routine g g - from 80 600 grams, ( FSC can double through double light) Also called double through the black paper, coated black paperboard, black cardboard, can penetrate paperboard. Its features: both sides same color difference, intermediate sandwich part color is black. Often apply to all kinds of high-grade packaging, clothing tag, CARDS, DIY photo album, arm in arm bag, etc. Black card paper is exquisite, smooth surface, the pulling force is also very good, and the physical properties of the black card is outstanding in the cattle paperboard, stiffness, burst, folding degrees than cattle paperboard with g. Commonly used to make black paper gift boxes, tags, environmental protection bag and book cover, etc. General hot stamping framed word on black paper products, mainly produced by the original wood pulp and the environmental protection dye, 100% can be recycled, each batch color stability, paper is bright and clean level off, can improve the quality of the products. Dongguan industry do the FSC paper is the leader of the pearl river delta paper industry, is a production of pin factory, can solve any paper requirements. There is nothing wrong with choice.
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