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FSC black card manufacturer to tell you, the black card is not so simple

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-27
Paper manufacturer is a company specializing in the production of black paper, first of all know about the main available range of the black paper, black paper mainly belongs to a good hardness, high stiffness of a class of thick cardboard, and in the use of the density and intensity does not lose in coated paper, black paper can often we saw most of the products in the market is the paper bag, its availability is very high, at present our company produces the black cardboard mainstream users is photo frame photo albums, and magnetic photo album inside this kind of form a complete set of the customer, of course indispensable bracelet boxes, high-grade gift boxes, etc. , can choose high-end black card to use, we compare the second black paper not only used in our industry, can also be used for the art industry, used for children's drawing, do manual class, we mainly produce the black cardboard in heavy classification are: single-sided can through paper 170 - 600 g is a forming, composite can penetrate paperboard can be processed more than 650 g - 1700 More than 550 g, 500 g a forming, machinable compound wood pulp black paper 80 - More than 500 g, 450 g a molding, can be processed composite electroacoustic black cardboard: 0. 7 - 1 mm a molding, dedicated to the horn speaker gasket black card features: PH is neutral, the environmental protection dye, can be recycled, no pollution, small batch color difference degree, waste paper oar and produce the goods and high stiffness, good surface smoothness, at last forming g inventory are all in stock and need to know to inquire.
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