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FSC antioxidant black cardboard used for hot stamping?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-26
On the issue of the FSC antioxidant black paper, here is to explain the FSC black cardboard printing and hot stamping technology should be aware of: A, FSC (black cardboard printing technology is printing solutions, white black and white is since the ancient times all people know that the thing, but sometimes can appear due to certain reasons such as qr code that need to be printed white, and because of the different existing mobile system version and so on, to hot stamping some scanning not to come out, needs to be printed, will appear white ink printing technology is on black paper five-color printing plate making to reach the designated position, especially in the coastal provinces designers like to use the AI format, tell you all processes should be combined with genuine software, like this will require both sides to understand each other. But still need to master printing process on the palette to do also primary color fidelity, such ability does not affect the subsequent hot stamping, etc. B, the FSC black cardboard must pay attention to in the hot stamping, die more small open mold more accurate, the FSC set of black cardboard used to make printed label chopsticks or do printed label leather bags, leather goods and other packaging products, the mainest is it with white paper difference is very big, to different colors on the hot stamping only gold spacing is small, they need a second operation. Don't save set of cutting die money, make a bad product, so choose the FSC black paper in printing raw materials is very heavy, the second printing method and the process is quite important, to avoid the white ink printed false problem, FSC full wood pulp paper production black cardboard inventory spot supply for a long time, have a need to know about the contact at any time.
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