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Five Benefits of Cardboard Displays


It is not an easy task to improve the sales of a product at the retail shops. You need to make it stand out at the point of purchase. It is, therefore, no surprise that large display grey boards are becoming common in retail stores and supermarkets. Displays at the points of purchase are here to stay; only the material needs to change. Here are five benefits of choosing cardboard options.

1.They capture attention

It is easy to customise cardboard displays to produce the best presentation for a product. Cardboard is easy to cut and shape which makes creating pockets and adding shelves easy and fast. You also place your product where it will have maximum visibility since you can cut it to fit any space.

Cardboards are warm and tactile hence more appealing than metal and plastic alternatives. You can add colour and images to give the display an attractive edge over its competitors.

2.Easy to assemble

Large displays at the point of purchase require staff to put up.Grey cardboard sheets displays can be assembled without tools, minimising the time taken to construct it. You can also opt for an already assembled display stand. Disassembling the board is straightforward and poses no risk of injuries. Additionally, they are light hence cheaper to ship than metallic displays.

3.Easy to modify

Cardboard production is quicker than that of plastic, metal or wood. Consequently, you can quickly change your display design or implement a new one. This makes them perfect for short seasonal campaigns and makes improvements less costly.

4.Environmental friendliness

Today, most consumers care about the effects that the products they purchase have on the environment. Consequently, they prefer brands that present their goods in an environmentally responsible manner.


If you are planning for a long-term campaign, then durability becomes an essential concern. Even though paper and cardboard displays are not as durable as metal, they can withstand the normal wear and tear in retail shops. There are waterproof solutions for stands that are exposed to excess moisture.

Production of cardboard and paper displays leaves less carbon footprint than metal and plastic. They are as well more recyclable than the alternatives. Additionally, their vibrant colours are printed using environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks.

Having a large display board at the point of sale will boost your sales significantly, as they show your products where the customer is ready to spend. Choosing a cardboard display gives you the versatility you need to meet fast-changing marketing needs.

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