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Environmental policy tightening of pulp and paper industry

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-27
In recent years, the state environmental protection requirements, and also pays a lot of attention to the energy saving, a boost for binding energy consumption index of the paper. Technology progress achievements of China's paper industry, pulp and paper industry is one of the important energy industry in our country, the production process consume a large amount of electricity, heat and water. Countries vigorously promote environmental protection and energy saving, thus, black cardboard trend is environmental black cardboard, renewable use. Domestic paper rolls out environmental regeneration of black cardboard, environmental black paper includes full wood pulp black cardboard, regeneration of single and double through the black paper, no can apply through a paper jam, environmental protection bag special black paper, etc. Products. In strict accordance with the standard production, conform to the requirements of the country, and exported to overseas. Paper will be healthy development, must do a good job in environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, it is inevitable trend.
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