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by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-10
According to the rules of international standard, double grey board has formed a perfect system, and only in the production enterprise need to according to the standard materials, processing. However, the emergence of various novel double grey board is sustaining an innovation of the cardboard industry. In addition, the double grey board is a kind of paper container, it has many advantages, as follows: 1, light weight, good structural performance. In addition, the double grey board corrugated structure similar arch structure, can play bumper damping effect, has the good mechanical properties. 2, has many good maintenance function of packaging items, such as moisture, heat dissipation and easy handling, etc. 3, shipping cost is low, and easy to board factory to complete the packaging and shipping of mechanization and automation. 4, double grey board's standard and scale of change is easy to complete, can quickly used to the packaging of all kinds of goods. 5, sealing, strapping are convenient, easy to automate. 6, can be used to various types of carton packaging printing, can be a very good deal with product maintenance and promotion. 7, easy to reclaim recycle, agree with environmental protection requirement. 8, through cover content or moisture information integration, and greatly extends the use of the double grey board. In short, the double grey board is now large amount in the product packaging materials.
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