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Double gray cardboard are different from other quality products

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-27
May use in our daily life to all kinds of paper products, like some pallets but also has a very important role in our daily life, whether express the carton box or supermarket ordinary product packaging, because it is light, use the quick, can save time, to a great extent belongs to environmental protection products and can be recycled, and today is to introduce the double grey board and these paper products vary. Is the main function of double gray cardboard packaging, but the difference is the packaging more precise and more rich, especially for some high-end goods packaging are used to it, because the double gray cardboard is the upgrade version of paper packaging, paper is more hard, can have better protection and buffer effect of product, and because of my hard, you can turn it into different shape and appearance, meet the demand of all kinds of commodity packaging. In addition, the double gray cardboard can be used to make exquisite gift box, gift box made of it stereo sense is strong, exquisite style, or for some qualified book or limited book kind of relatively more expensive books for layout of packaging, to create the hardcover books, can also do the clothing brand tags, shirt lining board, is USES a very wide range, can be used in many preferred domain.
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