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Do you know how to improve the efficiency of quality gray paper copy?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-02
Gray paper manufacturers to use active SongGao apparatus to improve power, copy to prevent every time to lift to put a draft version of cover plate. 1, when using presses the button, active SongGao light is lit, in feeds on the manuscript. 2, active SongGao device will be put on the manuscript to turn the pages. 3, after the original place, namely take the initiative to start copying machine. Active SongGao device after another function is to make the machine preheating take the initiative to start copying. Gray paper manufacturers recommended method is in the process of preheating, set the project, such as paper box to choose, concentration regulation, increases or decreases, and so on, and then put on the feed table according to the above request manuscript, finish machine preheating immediately take the initiative to start copying. Curly gray paper manuscript, wrinkle, folding, staples, paper clips, tape or paste the manuscript had not been dried, and the reverse dark manuscript, stick together or binding of the manuscript and a book can't actively into the manuscript. Use some special printing techniques, however, still can take the initiative to send people thinner or not the manuscript is very flat. Method is the easy card note manuscript page - Page into the open on the left side of the original reverse box, semi-active SongGao copy, with the right hand to give the original, with his left hand took printing gray paper manuscript, so that the original can't get stuck.
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