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Copy paper what is the difference between single kao with double kao?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-02
Single kao, complex is a single copy, a side feels feel light is rough. Double kao, it is a two-sided copy paper, copies of both sides, the touch, feel two sides are not single kao so clear, and contain more wood pulp composition is better than single kao. Will tell from the sound, the double kao to crisp, less single kao. As for the thickness, single kao a bit more thin is also very clear, also called a thin sheet of paper. Transparency to see manufacturers. There is demand can contact us oh paper tension and degrees of different kind of dispute, that is the raw material of wood pulp raw material of different kind of dispute that is double kao 17 g. Single kao is 14 g usually contain wood pulp is forty percent double is more than ninety percent.
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