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Comprehensive interpretation of grey board paper properties

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-14
Grey board is composed of a recycled paper production. Products are divided into single gray paper, double gray cardboard, gray cardboard, paper smooth level off, good stiffness, deformation, no delamination, resistance to bending, the quality of high-grade paper mid-range prices of paper, gray board is imported, and the price is the terminator of paper. Belongs to environmentally friendly packaging materials, gray paper application scope: packaging boxes, advertising board, box, hardcover book, receive a case, the sample of plate, plate, etc. The characteristics of paper 1. Quantitative it refers to the weight of paper per unit area, expressed in g/m2, namely the gram weight of one square metre wide paper. The paper quantitative discretion, determine the physical properties of paper, such as tensile strength, tear strength, tightness and stiffness and thickness, etc. So, according to the characteristics of the equipment arrangement and its performance of the corresponding quantitative calendar for production, can better reduce consumption, improve product quality and efficiency of equipment. 2. It is the degree of thickness of paper thickness, usually expressed in ㎜ unit of measurement. Has close relation with the thickness and the quantitative and tightness, generally speaking, the thickness of the paper, the corresponding quantitative is high, but their relationship is not absolute. Although some paper thin, but equal to or more than its quantitative and thicker. This shows that the tightness of the fibrous structure of paper, determine the quantitative and thickness of paper. From the perspective of the use effect of paper thickness uniformity is very important. Otherwise, will affect the automatic renewal paper, glue evenness, etc. 3. The degree of it refers to the weight of per cubic centimeter paper, in g/cm3. The tightness of paper by quantitative and thickness according to the formula to calculate the: D = G/D * 1000, type: in G the paper quantitatively; G for the thickness of the paper. Tightness is to measure the degree of the paper structure density, if spend big, paper easy embrittlement, opacity and will significantly reduce water imbibition, not easy to dry. According to the above formula is easy to calculate the thickness of the cardboard. The following formula: d = G/d. Example: please double gray cardboard (500 g/m2 Its tightness TAB 0. 625 g/cm3, and this is our common indicators) Thickness. 500g/m2÷ 0. 625g/cm3=0. 0008 = 0。 8 mm step mentioned on m2 and cubic centimeter units conversion, should remember, otherwise prone to error, the method is: cm3 / m2 = ( 1 * 0. 000001). M, convert to mm is our actual thickness. 4. It is said the paper stiffness of the performance against another object sag, and paper fiber hard performance of the organization. 5. The degree of smoothness it refers to the paper surface concave and convex, unit in seconds, measurable. Its detection principle is: in a certain degree of vacuum and pressure, a certain solvent of air through the glass panel and the time required for the clearance between the sample surface. When paper is smooth, the air through the slower, on the contrary, the faster the air through. 6. Adjustable rate it refers to the paper after moisture absorption or moisture be lost of size variation. Paper soft and more fibrous tissue, the lower the tightness, the higher the expansion rate of paper; On the other hand, the expansion rate is lower. 7. Moisture content moisture content in cardboard. Usually speak standard. Pairs of gray paper moisture content of 8 - 12%. 8. Longitudinal and it refers to the paper fibre arrangement direction. In the process of writing, fiber along the longitudinal along the direction of the paper machine run for the paper. It can mark of acute Angle to identify from the net. Using the perpendicular to the vertical to horizontal, vertical grain deformation value is small, with large scale variance in the process of horizontal grain. 9. Porosity generally speaking, the thinner paper, tightness of the lower, the greater the permeability. The porosity of the unit is ml/mim ( Ml/min) Or s / 100 ml ( SEC / 100 ml) That one minute amount of air through the paper or through the time needed for 100 ml air. 10. Both the front and back of the card paper, paper pulp adhesion to steel mesh in the form of filtration dehydration. In this way, such as network side, the small fibers and packing with water erosion, thus leaving the network, the paper is coarser. The other side and not on the net is fine. Smooth, this makes the paper form positive and negative difference, although in production after drying, pressure light, both the front and there are still differences.
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