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Cardboard manufacturer to unscramble the FSC grey board mainly six important parameters

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-17
Cardboard manufacturer to unscramble the FSC grey board main six important parameter 1. Size: for grey board, the size is also the cardboard quality standard indicators, the permission of the board size deviation not more than + / - 3 mm. In addition, the specifications of the grain is also very important, usually produced is referred to as corrugated cardboard, cardboard grain direction on the other side length, for example: 787 * 1092 mm, grain is down 1194 mm side, also known as the long side along the long lines. 2. Quantitative gram weight: g refers to the area of a square paper, double gray cardboard, generally single ash composite grey board paper and quantitative standard of upper and lower deviation is + 3% 5%. More than this range is not qualified products. 3. Interlayer binding force: refers to the cardboard wet paper fibre layer between the combination of strength, from external force damage usually grey board of interlayer bonding force should be 121 or higher. 4. Water: refers to the grey board inside the water content of fiber, general single grey paper, double gray paper from 250 g to 750 g standard factory moisture is 8% ~ 10%, compound double grey board 9% ~ 15%, the composite grey board 10% ~ 16%, and so on. 5. Thickness: refers to the grey board thickness measurement between surface under certain pressure, direct measurement of the thickness, the thickness of the cardboard standard of error is plus or minus 0. 05mm. 6. Skewness: skewness refers to the maximum, cardboard diagonal deviation expressed by mm. According to the requirements skewness cannot be more than + / - 3 mm.
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