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Cardboard, grey cardboard, grey board manufacturers, gray cardboard, hebei gray paper _ gray paper manufacturer: cardboard quality control to bet on the storage

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-29
Cardboard production is commonly when a large number of production, so it is need to storage, but the store is not good words will appear many problems, gray paper manufacturer to hand over to you today about his storage method. 1, pay attention to the storage environment: grey cardboard boxes, storage environment should keep ventilated, dry, away from the fire source, avoid the rain, the sun and polluted. 2, interval accumulation: the wet material is not easy to heat transfer, such as wood or plastic card board for Shan pad. 3, put off the ground: stacking height should be more than 15 cm off the ground. 4, storage time, gray cardboard boxes, storage period should not be more than half a year. 5, control, controlled environment: water content at eight Moisture content of 12% is normal production, warehouse regulations humidity range is 45% 75%RH。 Late for storage is important to note that this is a guarantee of quality, also note that the transport don't open air transport, use must pay attention to the advanced use of first principles.
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