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Cardboard, grey cardboard, grey board manufacturer, _ the appearance of the cardboard quality how to identify?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-15
Usually, paper and cardboard is a fiber material and auxiliary material, after various working procedures, and if one of the fiber materials, auxiliary materials, process flow, equipment status, and so on all can lead to the emergence of the appearance of disease, which affects the quality of the cardboard appearance. In addition, the judgment can be determine by paper and cardboard. The appearance quality of paper and board will not only affect the physical performance index of paper or paperboard, but will also affect the use of products, and even decide the wastage of the products. Such as evenness, evenness bad would seriously affect the printing ink printing, may cause in the offset printing deformation due to moisture absorption, make the printing color is not accurate, serious word will become a waste. When we packing, this place is easy to break. At the same time with a rigid block is qualitative hard and protruding paper, rolling bad easily when printed plate, in the process of writing, if there are rigid block, easy to tip reminds, influence writing effect, therefore, to strengthen paper appearance is a must to do work.
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