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by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-29
2018 - 08 - 21 in general, some gray paper manufacturers in the production of air tightness and strength of the industrial gray paper, should be the ability of different levels of quality, there are differences, the gray paper can only be general paper products to use. For others, not only paper, and the price is low, the result is often do not have good wear resistance. Therefore, we should improve the quality of grey board, need to be used from the standard application range of the product and its performance for consideration, then the following introduce the next, how to improve the utilization rate of the use of gray paper, from which aspects to begin, increase the utilization rate of gray paper. Commonly used method is, to some gray paper surface necessary technical processing, such as pasting on the surface of the cardboard, fundamentally improve the industry quality appearance and the applicable value of gray paper, so as to have market competitiveness, achieved great development.
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