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Cardboard, gray paper, double gray paper _ the carton packaging strengths and static elimination method application

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-10-11
Now, perhaps in each big supermarket shopping malls in the delivery of goods, in order to promote commodities sale, maintenance, no pressure loss, often use carton to pack goods. Cardboard-box factory packaging method with carton packaging, wooden packaging, woven bag packing, plastic boxes, packing, etc. , during which apply to a wide range of in real life is the carton packaging. So why are packed in cartons have what interest, by our love and acceptance? Has the following benefits: one, cheap cost, thus it can be widely apply to the commodity sale packaging and transportation, etc. Second, the raw material for paper, convenient and select material, light weight. 3, very brief printing express their thought on speckle images, text, etc. , can promote sale may prompt effect, such as moisture, afraid of sun, beware of light hint entry. In addition, the planning to shape is very simple, the shape of the paper can be folded more, and very brief to learn. Packaging inside how to eliminate electrostatic 1, physical eliminating physical elimination method is without changes under the condition of material function, using the method of the inherent characteristics of the electrostatic to eliminate. Such as 'ground' elimination method, eliminate electrostatic brush is on the process equipment. Put the brush body in paper or plastic coil winding or volume, and make the earthing end of the electrostatic brush, reliable grounding, and cannot pick up on the device or guide roller. Because the device has bad earth; Part of the guide roll through the anode disposal, the surface of natural generated alumina, alumina is not conductive. 2, chemical eliminate chemical eliminate electrostatic antistatic agent disposal technology, mainly the antistatic agent ( The surfactant) After increase ( Fill in) Technology or coating technology, method of motor can be modified for resin or base material, is more completely and improve the antistatic technology. But because of the increase or coating the antistatic agent, led to the changes in the material chemical composition, so this technology is used in the disposal of paper, only used for modification of plastic resin. Especially in packing food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical products and so on, should pay attention to safety, health, and the compatibility with matrix resin, etc. , thus high technical content. Antistatic function of packaging materials, not only to eliminate the various quality accident caused because of static electricity, and power forward for the customer packaging, ensure the sealing strength, shenzhen a cardboard-box factory and was thus received the recognition from the customers. A: coating type disposal technology of coating type antistatic agent disposal technology is ionic surfactant made of antistatic coating, coating on the plastic film surface, prevent charge gathering effect. The selection of coating type antistatic agent, according to the work function of be coated substrate size to determine. The work function of plastic material, easy to negatively charged; Its work function is small, positively charged. Common plastic endowment guess work function from big to small in front of the order has been talked about, PP, PE is very simple negatively charged, appropriate chooses cationic surfactant coating; PET, PA is simple positively charged, appropriate chooses anionic surfactant coating. Demand for plastic film surface wet tension is greater than 38 dyn/cm; Good antistatic coatings film, conflict, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and durable. B: increase the disposal technology ( The masterbatch technology) Is to increase type antistatic agent according to the concentration (must be A few percent to dozens of percentage) Mixed with thermoplastic resin, and increase the variety of auxiliaries, the melting, mixing, granulation, antistatic masterbatch was. The selection of antistatic agent, to pay attention to the compatibility with matrix resin. If the poor compatibility, of antistatic function of particle is poorer; But very good compatibility, antistatic agent to the surface moving too slow, difficult to form antistatic water film. Selection and products of the same resin resin as matrix resin, in the melting, mixing, granulation process, to all can adhere to the lower processing temperature, prevent the antistatic agent for hot not disorderly owe good decomposition even disintegration. Dongguan industrial cardboard composite factory research and development, production and sales of industrial composite board. 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