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Cardboard, cardboard, grey paper, color cardboard _ what is the distinguishing feature of honeycomb paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-05
Honeycomb paper strengths is less material cost, higher than strength, larger than the stiffness and light weight. Bees use less material to make a big, strong hives. Through scientific research and proves that the geometrical structure and the arch structure similar to the hive, so as to improve the compressive strength of the surface. Selects the honeycomb structure of honeycomb paperboard. Therefore, under the condition of the material cost less won the big volume and intensity and takong degrees. When paper spend together, it is higher than corrugated board. The honeycomb cardboard is a core structure, have excellent buffer and isolation function, excellent heat insulation and sound insulation function. Honeycomb hole is sealed structure, the honeycomb core filled with air, not each other cycle. Therefore, the honeycomb cardboard can obtain different strength and stiffness, has excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, strength and stiffness, so as to change the thickness of the paper core, core component or core height and the height of the core. Because the process of production with infrared drying or microwave drying, cellular board of disinfection sterilization, no need for fumigation and quarantine. Special craft processing and the unique function of honeycomb paperboard were paper, special craft processing, has the waterproof, flame retardant, mouldproof, curing, reinforcement and other special function. This is also one of the reasons for honeycomb paperboard can be widely used. Do not need fumigation and quarantine for export. In the process of production of honeycomb paperboard no pollution, and can recycle use, is also very easy to lose. Dongguan industrial cardboard composite factory research and development, production and sales of industrial composite board. The main products: industrial cardboard, composite board, double gray cardboard, whole gray paper, gray highlights cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, board, special paper, industrial cardboard, composite board, etc. Our factory has the abundant technical force and professional production team, has been adhering to the 'do customers suitable products, satisfactory service to clients' spirit of enterprise, won the trust of many customers and support. We will continue to high-quality products, satisfactory service to meet the various needs of customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers calls negotiate!
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