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Cardboard, cardboard, grey paper, color cardboard _ cardboard flat crush strength related to what

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-09-07
The flat crush strength of honeycomb board related to the thickness of honeycomb paperboard. With the adding of thickness of honeycomb paperboard, the flat crush strength of honeycomb paperboard gradually decreases, and add the function of the buffer. Adhesive properties of the adhesive, drying speed and film hardness of honeycomb paperboard quality. When choosing binder, therefore, needs to consider the cohesive force, and then consider the drying speed and film hardness. Currently used by domestic produce cellular adhesive can be divided into four categories: corn starch adhesive. Corn starch adhesive was in alkaline conditions through material oxidized starch oxidized starch, the oxidized starch can low temperature, high cohesive force of the adhesive is prepared. This kind of adhesive and ordinary carton glue, there is no essential difference between the solid content is a little progress, generally applicable to bearing the fruit of the honeycomb cardboard products. White latex. The main composition of white latex is polyvinyl acetate. The real white latex is a kind of harmless and non-toxic green products. White latex can glue a variety of materials. Its main characteristic is quick drying, high strength, high solid content, long shelf life, not moldy, appropriate large-scale operations. But, this kind of adhesive wet resistance and heat resistance is poor. Cyclodextrins. The preparation of cyclodextrin is heat degradation starch under acid condition, and progress of starch solubility in water. It is starch modified products. At the beginning of this kind of adhesive with high solid content, high viscosity, strong cohesive force, long shelf life, good rigidity, the characteristics of moderate price, fast drying speed, but this kind of adhesive water resistance is poorer, the degree must be limited to use. Dongguan industrial cardboard composite factory research and development, production and sales of industrial composite board. The main products: industrial cardboard, composite board, double gray cardboard, whole gray paper, gray highlights cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, board, special paper, industrial cardboard, composite board, etc. Our factory has the abundant technical force and professional production team, has been adhering to the 'do customers suitable products, satisfactory service to clients' spirit of enterprise, won the trust of many customers and support. We will continue to high-quality products, satisfactory service to meet the various needs of customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers calls negotiate!
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