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Cardboard, cardboard, cardboard _ whiteboard paper common gram weight and specifications

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-22
2019 - 01 - 03 coated white board paper common gram weight: 200 g/m2, 220/230 g/m2, 250 g/m2, 270/280 g/m2, 300 g/m2, 350 g/m2, 400 g/m2, 450 g/m2, 500 g/m2, etc. White board paper used tablet standard is: is 787 * 1092 mm, magnanimous, 889 * 1194 mm; White board paper used drum standard: 787 mm, 1092 mm, 889 mm and 1194 mm. Other dimension can be customized according to customer requirements. Whiteboard paper because fibrous tissue is uniform, and the surface has the packing and the composition of the rubber, and after coating and roller pressure light processing, so the quality of a material of cardboard more closely, thickness is uniform. The paper generally is white and smooth, with a uniform ink absorbency, appearance off powder with less wool phenomenon, the paper is strong and has a good degree of folding, its moisture content is in commonly 8%. Dongguan industrial cardboard composite factory research and development, production and sales of industrial composite board. The main products: industrial cardboard, composite board, double gray cardboard, whole gray paper, gray highlights cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, board, special paper, industrial cardboard, composite board, etc. Our factory has the abundant technical force and professional production team, has been adhering to the 'do customers suitable products, satisfactory service to clients' spirit of enterprise, won the trust of many customers and support. We will continue to high-quality products, satisfactory service to meet the various needs of customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers calls negotiate!
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