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Cardboard, cardboard, cardboard _ the carton manufacturers tell you little knowledge

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-20
Today, let us together to learn knowledge, let's first meet, carton fundamental structure, the daily said carton consists of three layers, 5, and 7 layers such difference of corrugated paper, carton hardness. From the beginning of the outer cartons is plane of paper, processed into waveform in the corrugated paper, core paper, corrugated paper after bonding. According to the demand of product packaging carton production, can make a single face corrugated board, three layer of corrugated board, five layer corrugated, seven layers corrugated, 11 layer corrugated, 11 layer corrugated less. Carton is first used in the product packaging effect, can have very good maintenance of product, packaging, beautiful effect, to transport product handling, without damage to the product, can improve the product level value together. So the dongguan carton yield that can be used in various places and professional. According to the type of carton, carton production factory several types are relatively popular in the international points A, B, C, E this several types, the primary difference is that different corrugated shape, so bond into the cardboard features are also different. In the same paper and paper, because of the stare blankly shape difference, there are significant differences: type A stare blankly made of cardboard has good buffer, endowed with A degree of elasticity that type B stare blankly put density, made of cardboard looks flat, high bearing pressure. More appeared it just strength.
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