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Cardboard, cardboard, cardboard _ gray paper FAQ

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-26
Mentioned gray paper is often a lot of people are not particularly understand, although you to go to the mall to buy goods and found many products are packing box, they are both pretty useful? Please see the following answer board manufacturer. , cardboard factory introduction to gray paper first to answer: what use gray paper are suitable for making the hardcover books, books to exquisite packaging, also can do a photo frame backplane, contains some we daily folder, that are widely used in the cosmetics box, check accessories receive a case of small objects, as well as some of our common shopping bags and other products packaging and so on. Second, the grey board the same as the white board? A: grey board the whole is grey. The whiteboard is grey white flour. Third, gray paper used to print? A: to be able to print, but the printing effect not good white board paper. Four, gray paper framed specialty paper why the fold? Answer: 1. Machine. 2. The paper is too thin. 3. If it is on the south side, surface paper easy be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape. 4. Is a card of card machine, framed. Five, there are differences between the double grey board and gray paper board manufacturer? Answer: gray paper contains, single grey paper, double gray paper, grey paper; That is double grey paper is a kind of grey board. Six, in cardboard manufacturers buy gray paper needs pay attention to what? Answer: 1, with the hand contact with the appearance of gray paper, ensure the smooth and no fold. 2, check for rugged or gray paper appearance has the condition such as black spots, guarantee the quality of grey board. 3, ensure the gray paper higher technological level, not peel or impurities. 4, ensure uniform gray paper color, thickness, in such aspects as neat, thickness conform to the requirements of the specification.
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