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Buying some grey board should pay attention to

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-02
Many fine books and some of the common packing material all need to use grey board, also said, grey board is very common in our daily life, quite useful. If you need to often buy grey board, so, it is important to note that the following aspects:, with the hand touch the surface of gray paper, ensure its smooth and no fold. Second, check whether the gray paper surface is uneven or black spots, etc. , to ensure the quality of grey board. Then, to ensure that gray paper higher technological level, not peel or impurities. After comparison, to ensure that the grey cardboard color, uniform thickness, in terms of neatness, thickness accord with a standard to ask. We buy grey board, therefore, need to be aware of and more. If carefully can get high quality grey board, we should pay attention to it. In this era of 'dirty' businessman small-scale operations, must improve their 'buy' skills just enough to survive!
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