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Board watermarking of color printing technique

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-04-04
The pursuit of beauty is human nature, so we in the same conditions, more inclined to exquisite products. Especially in the packaging of some products, beautiful appearance can not only enhance the value of products, and attract more people to buy. So the ability of watermark colorization is very important. Watermark color cardboard with colorful multicolored colour, can attract people's attention. Is made and be become with it in the box more attract people's attention, resulting in sales promotion. Watermark color cardboard is by printing equipment made in the basis of ordinary cardboard. In pursuit of the main color of ink saturation and gorgeous effect, in the board layout design in addition to using traditional CMYK four-color, more is the use of color. For the color version should attach accurate color code, so that as the basis in the process of proofing and printing. If the color too much, in practice, due to the printing color set limits, need four color printing machine design draft no matter how to use four kinds of color in color separation performance not to come out, had to be close to the color and a color or to change layout again. It is worth mentioning that in layout design, most of the time will be used to enrich design effect such as gold, silver ink, improve the grade of products. When using gold and silver ink, if the network printing, in order to avoid the printing paste version, should be the highlights and shadows mediation to leave more space, highlights outlets in more than 20%. Will board watermark colorization, and learn to apply the above printing skills, make cardboard products more atmosphere, beautiful. If necessary, please contact us, the NEW BAMBOO PAPER will provide you with a variety of cardboard.
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