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Board, coated board, industrial cardboard, double grey board and _ honeycomb composite board of wide range of applications

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-08-30
Honeycomb cardboard box packing and shipping in electrical appliances and other items in the packing and shipping has good maintenance effect, can also be based on the vulnerability of goods to choose the thickness of honeycomb cardboard box. This information was green and green. It is a new kind of transport packaging professional information. In the process of manufacturing of the honeycomb cardboard, every step is very strict, strict execution. Only in this way, the manufacturing of the honeycomb cardboard will be clean. Step is paper feeding unit: the original paper plane is the beginning of the honeycomb paperboard production line. Honeycomb composite materials: natural bee with his transcendental wisdom and hard work, create numerous hexagonal honeycomb. As early as the fourth century, mathematicians Pepos is put forward, the beauty of the honeycomb shape is useful work nature. Widely used in honeycomb paperboard. It can be used as packaging materials in the essential oil, can be found in any of the packaging structure of honeycomb paperboard. Fan honeycomb carton is also called the honeycomb carton. Like corrugated carton, the honeycomb cardboard can also be processed into cartons. The honeycomb cardboard: how to classify? Honeycomb cardboard generally classified according to the thickness of honeycomb, material and size. Manufacturer of conventional,15,20,30,40,50 10 mm is the thickness. Glossy paper data generally divided into kraft paper, noodles. Dongguan industrial cardboard composite factory research and development, production and sales of industrial composite board. The main products: industrial cardboard, composite board, double gray cardboard, whole gray paper, gray highlights cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, board, special paper, industrial cardboard, composite board, etc. Our factory has the abundant technical force and professional production team, has been adhering to the 'do customers suitable products, satisfactory service to clients' spirit of enterprise, won the trust of many customers and support. We will continue to high-quality products, satisfactory service to meet the various needs of customers. Warmly welcome new and old customers calls negotiate!
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