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Basic knowledge - paper - Copy paper

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-15
Copy paper is a kind of paper so it is difficult to produce the advanced cultural industry, the technical characteristics of the product are mainly as follows: has high physical strength, good evenness and transparency, and good appearance quality, fine sand, level off, smooth, no bubbles, good pleasant to print. General printing paper production is divided into two basic processes, pulp and paper pulp is to use mechanical method, chemical method or combination of both the nature of plant fiber raw material dissociation into pulp or pulp bleaching. Papermaking is suspended in the water of the pulp fibers, after various processing combined into accord with various requirements of sheet. Paper mill is usually need to store enough with 46 months of raw material, through natural fermentation in the raw material in storage, for pulping, at the same time to ensure continuous production of paper factory. The preparation process of the reed, wheat straw and wood raw materials such as cutting ChengLiao wood piece or broken again add inside the small piece of material into the digester chemical liquid, steam cooking, cook the raw materials into pulp, or to terminate the wood to grind wood on the ground to a pulp, can be via a certain degree of cooking and then ground to a pulp. And with plenty of water for pulp washing, and through the screening and purification of the pulp thick slices, she, stones and sand to remove. Again according to the requirement of the paper kind, the required the whiteness of pulp floated with bleach, then use the beating beating equipment. And then add to improve the performance of paper pulp packing, plastic materials, sizing agent and other supplementary materials, purification and selection and once again, the last on paper machine through a network filter water, squeeze dryer dehydration, drying, pressure light winding, and the cutting and rewinding of or cutting to produce web and tablet of paper. If the production to produce coated printing paper, you may need to dry or after production of paper rolls in central implementation by coating processing. In addition to the above basic process, also including some auxiliary process, such as cooking liquor preparation, preparation of bleaching solution, stewing and steaming of the rubber chemicals and heat recycling of waste liquid and waste gas such as how to understand to judge whether it is a real good copy paper? Actually very simple, first check whether the appearance of smooth, delicate, uniform pervious to light quality second check its physical strength performance, indicate the tear degree is high, show the transparency of the copies of the paper is higher, indicating the higher quality. Usually good copy paper, 17 g/m2, copy paper, for example, often can achieve 6 - cover 8 layer, extremely good 12 layer. How to understand to judge whether a real good copy paper? Actually very simple, first check whether the appearance of smooth, delicate, uniform pervious to light quality ( The evenness) ; Second check their physical strength, it shows that high tear strength, shows that the higher the transparency of the copies of paper, shows that the higher quality. Usually good copy paper, 17 g/m2 of copy paper, for example, often can achieve 6 - cover 8 layer, extremely good 12 layer. So, called imitation copy paper, but for thin sheet of paper. Tissue paper and copy paper often appear on the market the tissue paper as copy paper sales, why this happens? Mainly for four reasons: first, because a lot of fake copy paper copy paper market impact, causing serious landslides, copy paper prices if the production real copy paper, 3000 - the manufacturer is going to cost 5000 yuan/ton, so many excellent domestic enterprises can't produce real copy paper. 2, is a thin sheet of paper, but in order to get a good price, with the name of the copy paper to sell, in order to obtain profits. Three, because the individual authority interpreted copy paper thin paper, give the manufacturer is misleading. Four, copy paper revised national standard 1911 missed two important indicators, namely the sizing degree and transparency, manufacturer of copy paper standard leads to the misunderstanding. Actually copy paper this paper varieties was born in Europe, its initial production of copy paper that is designed to produce a transparent sheet ( Because there were no invention of the printing paper, tracing paper and photography, more no copiers) 。 And then covered with the paper in the art, calligraphy and painting, drawing, etc to copy and imitate, copy, use, therefore, the level of transparency directly affect the quality of the copy, imitation, reproduction, so the copy paper of transparency is a very important indicator, leakage happened to booked, and brought great misleading to domestic papermaking industry, at the same time, led to a lot of fake copy paper exploiting the loopholes, use inferior tissue paper in silhouette as copy paper copy paper market impact, and not hit by the department of quality control, the real copy paper prices plummeted. Many people know that the varieties of copy paper is the production difficulty is very high, many fake name to sell copy paper tissue paper does not want to blunt the high price of copy paper, in order to obtain high returns. So, in the hope that people of insight to stand up, but also the true nature of copy paper, let those so-called 'imitation copy paper also return to its true colors, namely the tissue paper, form the benign competition in the market.
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