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Any further technical information about NEW BAMBOO PAPER?
NEW BAMBOO PAPER (HK) CO., Ltd adopts highly advanced technology to produce NEW BAMBOO PAPER. Advanced and modern technology means more elaborate operations on machines and assembly lines that are both applied to producing finest-quality products. We are equipped with professional engineers who are experienced in producing the products for years.

NEW BAMBOO PAPER is a manufacturer well recognized by the public. We have strong competitiveness thanks to years of experience in the business of sturdy black board. NEW BAMBOO PAPER is mainly engaged in the business of black paper board and other product series. The product features excellent dimensional stability. It offers excellent accuracy and provides the stability of shape under extreme conditions. The product is glued firmly and will not break up easily. grey paper board has been attracting more and more customers for the development of sales network. Containing three layers, the product is strong enough to withstand external impact.

our company has a great goal and is a thriving foil board supplier. Ask!
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