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An early end to the epidemic, the peak season coming soon, come on China, wuhan

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-18
Nearly two days, due to higher record-keeping, cardboard industry turmoil. Wave of price increases has been initially formed in 2020, nine dragons paper mills, bedding article, hawks such as more than 30 announced price increases. Yet in many paper packaging plant incensed, paper market and gives birth to the new changes. , according to 'the cardboard check' on February 20th in the afternoon, a giant suddenly announced various kinds of paper and then rose 100 yuan/ton, have gained has up to 200 - at the moment 250 yuan/ton. Hopefully, in a short period of time, the market is difficult to restore calm. Urgent, increase weight cardboard factory take timely price strategy of underground. On February 19th - On February 20th, Shanghai, zhejiang, fujian, papermaking, packing province from numerous board price increases, we gain from 4% 10%. In price letter, have a cardboard factory besides announced price increases, payment days to the customer request, also do not accept orders of production to be sent. Nearly two days to receive part of the paper board price letter from February 19, 2020, 17 began to rise in price, up 5%. All customers such as not according to the payment days of payment agreed upon, shall be treated according to stop the single company, and cancel the customer before all orders not to do, not the delivery of the goods. The personage inside course of study for this round of lifted by paper mills are divided on the boom. It is considered that the waste and the waste is difficult to purchase, logistics transport and temporary not back to normal, paper factory resume work rate is not high, the factors caused the record-keeping. In another part of the opinion that affected by the epidemic in all walks of life, the business is relatively weak, the enterprise only to continue orders at a lower price, at this stage, companies have announced price increases of raw materials, it is difficult to understand. Moreover that mill the price is can become rich at the moment! These two views, basically reflect the position of the personage inside course of study on the industrial chain. A kind of view is often board factory, know the situation of paper factory is deeper, easy to pass on price pressures. Hold the second view, the general is a cardboard-box factory and was aware of the terminal customers, small voice in front of customers, the ability to resist risk are relatively poor. So in my opinion, whether it's board factory, or a cardboard-box factory and was how both views of rising prices of raw materials, the final idea have to return to how to reduce losses, how to improve their own competitiveness, etc. Oh that outbreak at an early date in the past, the peak season coming soon!
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