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An article take you understand the ability of the manufacturing process

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-05
Cardboard production process is the wood or other plant fiber raw materials with chemical methods such as mechanical separation parsed into a single fiber synthesis, then these fiber objects for bleaching, pulp. Pulp making process is: material: wood raw material, must be treated with certain requirements in order to meet the need of cooking or pulping process. The bark peeling wood, wood fiber content is high, impurities, also can constitute the influence about the quality of the pulp, so have to peel operations. And then there are the shavings, thin wood chips of wood cut into a certain specification, to adapt to the production process of pulp. Pulping, the wood in a certain temperature or pressure, melt as pulp, and then scoop out impurities, in the process of pulping will produce odor, pollution to the environment and human health is harmful. Pulping is divided into many, also have chemistry of the will, chemical machinery, mechanical law will, when after the completion of the pulping, according to the requirements of the production of paper pulp to bleach, this section will have a lot of black liquor, is the source of pollution. But if the production of color paper, such as the production of paper, is the kind of not white can tan without bleaching and washing. When will into paper pulp production well section, but produce pulp cannot be directly used for paper, if directly used for paper making, will make the paper easy to tear, is not strong. Therefore, according to the production process to produce pulp further processing, the box to pulping pulping machine, make the fiber to differentiate into very small villi, increase the cohesive force between fiber, the paper firmly. At the same time will be according to the requirement of the production of finished products of paper pulp after pulping to join some packing, such as calcium carbonate powder, titanium powder, can make the paper more white in the paper coating after gelatinized starch ( Surface sizing) , you can make it easier for paper printing and writing. Without sizing of paper, write on it that will be the spread of the printing ink, such as writing with a pen on the toilet paper. After sizing paper further drying, and then carries on the calender, make the page more smooth and glossy. Good pulp mill and then through the flow tube to flow slurry box ( The pulp evenly distributed in the online about water) , sheet through analyzing water ( In the network department about water) After entering the press section, by squeezing the water in the wet sheet extrusion, and then into the dry, drying. After sizing, drying, pressure light, curly, rewinding, Out of paper, paper margin because too MAO) , cutting. The paper thus produced.
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