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All gray paper how to make fire damp proof?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-13
All gray board is an essential part of product packaging materials, has adopted the special craft, but still belongs to paper products for fire or water are relatively weak, so full of gray paper fire damp proof is very important, so how can we do for all gray board fire damp proof? A lot of friends have such question, this article helps you answer questions. Full of gray paper moisture is mainly divided into two aspects, one is on the production, the production need for his manufacturing to add some moistureproof agent, can also is very good moistureproof effect, prevent paper products paint after moisture absorption and decomposition of MAO, another is in use need to be aware of, we remember when transport protection, also is the need to use the plastic wrapped it, otherwise the moisture into the words they will all stick together and at the time of storage to store off the ground, effective erosion to feel to enrage. Full gray paper manufacturer in full gray paper processing production will add the moistureproof agent, this need not worry, for board, the second point is moistureproof before using one of the more important, once be affected with damp be affected with damp will become soft and lose his hard feature is no longer used, so to do a good job in all gray paper moisture to guarantee the quality of grey board.
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