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A pair of gray paper USES and classification

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-03-27
Types which are frequently used in numerous cardboard, grey is one of the very common kind of cardboard. Believe we all know, different types of cardboard, function and use is also different. We in the choose and buy when, should choose according to their needs, not too blind. Reasonable choice to not spend money. Double gray cardboard is our chicken is one of the main board type of production, now, we introduce for everybody, purpose and classification about the double gray cardboard. In the current widespread use of four kinds of packaging containers, packaging cartons, with its rich raw materials, low price, easy forming, quality is light and easy to recycle, and disposed won't cause pollution to the environment, etc and get more extensive application. Used to make packaging carton commonly used packaging materials are: gray cardboard, grey board, kraft paper, plate, etc. As a packing container packing box to protect the function of the goods, also is to have sufficient strength to resist from packaging cartons of external and internal forces. Must rely on the power of the carton by making cardboard carton material strength to resist, so gray paper should have sufficient strength. This shows, in many cases, we can choose to use double gray cardboard. Its use compared to other types of cardboard, more extensive. Hope we are introduced in this paper can help you!
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