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450 g white board paper thickness, what is the purpose?

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-11-07
White paper board is a kind of linerboard with mould machine production, intracytoplasmic with packing, regular quantitative - 230 500g/㎡。 Different grades of paper board in color, luster, tensile strength, resistance to break the inherent quality is different. Today we see 450 g white board paper thickness, what purpose do you usually do, and how many money a ton? Thickness and specification: 450 grams of coated white board paper thickness: 0. 55 mm, this is the thickness of the 450 g white board paper, if it is the rest of the paper thickness is not the same. Because the factory is not the same, the weight will be different. And sometimes is not the same as the batch will be different. White paper international standard specifications: is 787 * 1092 mm, magnanimous, 889 * 1194 mm. Other prescribed size can order large quantities of applicable scope: is suitable for children's toys, medicine, food, cigarette case, toothpaste, gift boxes and other packaging, notebooks, stationery, bags and so on paper industry, shirtwaist factory, shirt factory, mill, garment factory industry such as shirts and all kinds of knitted dress to the inner packing.
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