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17 grams of FSC white plate which should pay attention to copy paper for printing

by:NEW BAMBOO PAPER     2020-12-07
Pervious to light quality good, the FSC copy paper itself is exquisite, smooth, its physical performance is strong, copy paper tear degree is high, it shows that the higher the transparency of the copy paper, its quality is better, the FSC copy paper in 17 g/m2 of copy paper, for example, often can achieve 6 - cover 8 layer, super copy paper can reach 12 layer, so that the FSC copy paper, also called the FSC thin sheet of paper. When we use copy paper FSC tablet, what are the aspects need to be aware of? First of all, we should pay attention to the procurement of paper smoothness, come back to tile leveling put together, this is the most basic, because of the copy paper thin, if not level off, the paper easy to crinkle when using, secondly when using hand cannot touch water, if there is water on copy paper copy paper dry leaves marks, packaging is not beautiful.
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